Friday, October 25, 2013



For the second time, I have participated in the Carabox. For anyone who does not know what the Carabox is, it is where you get paired with other people. One of them will send something to you and you will send to the other one. The good thing about it is that you will have the opportunity to meet two new ladies every time that you sign up. This month, I was assigned to Tiffany and Cassi. 

I had to send to Tiffany this time. Tiffany was such a sweetheart and I really enjoyed my time of getting to know her. As soon as Tiffany puts up a link for what I sent her, I will attach it to this post.

Cassi had to send to me. She was so sweet. She was really young, and I could not believe she was as young as she is because I could not tell...AT ALL! Well, until she told me...and I still can't believe it. Getting to know her was so much fun and she sent me some goodies...

She sent me the Halloween Oreo's. Me and my friend's will definitely be enjoying these on Halloween while we're watching scary movies! She sent me 2 pairs of Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" socks. It's funny because I have a secret obsession with socks...shhhhh! She sent me a cute glittery orange nail polish. Tons of Reese's...That is my favorite candy in this entire world!!! And she made me a picture with a "B" on it...for Britt...of course! She attached a note to the package as well, but for privacy reasons, that will not be attached. One thing that I do love about the fall is that MY FAVORITE COLOR IS ORANGE and everything is orange!

If you guys would like to sign up for the next Carabox click here. It's definitely an amazing experience and I suggest it to everyone.

Talk to you soon loves,


  1. So happy that we were paired together! I love my box, and I'll be posting about it sometime next week!