Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review Time!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Cost: $8.99
Location: Most Stores

I like the BB cream but I am not a complete fan of it. I love how the shades blend and can match with anyone's skin tone. It is basically a tinted moisturizer. It does blur imperfections and it is not as heavy as a foundation. I guess the reason I am not a fan of it is because it just doesn't fully give me the look that I was looking for. It gave me a clean look but it wore off pretty fast. It is better to apply this with a foundation brush. I know some people apply it with their fingers but I feel as though it comes out better when you use a brush than fingers. The texture is like a lotion but very different.

Very light
Looks very natural
Makes your face feel very smooth
Blends well

Not very easy to apply (kind of thick)
Not a lot of coverage
Wears off fast

I think that the reason I don't think it has really good coverage is because I don't really notice a difference because I don't have bad skin. But, when my cousin uses it who has about 3 acne scars, it did not blur her imperfections at all. So, I just if you're looking for something very sheer then this is definitely for you. I have very oily skin, it causes me to be a bit oily. However, I do know of people who set their BB Cream with a powder to reduce all of the oil production.

However, I definitely believe that this cream is worth a try. I do use it sometimes, like if I am just going to the grocery store or to class sometimes, when I am not doing a lot and I don't want to do a full face. I definitely think that a BB cream is something that should be added to every woman's collection. You guys are probably reading this think how can she like it and hate it at the same time; I don't even know the answer to that but I just do :)

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  1. Hey Britt! I understand your dilemma cause I feel the same about the product. I do want to try the other bb creams in hopes to see if I like those better. :) I would love to hear your thoughts about the other ones that are out like Rimmel's BB cream or Revlon Photo Ready BB cream and maybe a high end BB cream? Thanks

  2. I've tried Rimmel's BB cream and I did not like it at all. It had too much of a redish tint to it and my skin has more of a yellow undertone so it did not look good; however it did control oil. I have also tried the one from Urban Decay (Naked Skin) and its good. I'm still testing it out to see if I want to buy the full size because I have a sample. But, so far so good. I have not tried the Revlon one yet, but I've heard mixed feelings about it. But, I should try it because Revlon is my favorite drugstore brand. I will let you know how it goes when I try that one. But the Urban Decay is really good and I think its $34 if I remember correctly.