Friday, February 15, 2013

Tips: How to Makeup Your Foundation look Natural

This post is geared more towards those who use liquid foundation and a brush to apply it.

After you apply foundation with your brush (I use my foundation or stippling brush depending on mood) take a beauty sponge and pat it across your face (do not wipe) to remove transferable makeup from your face. This gives a very natural and matte look. Also, apply a face primer before applying foundation and use a setting spray once you complete all of your makeup.

You want you face to look like this...

Not like this...


  1. Have you tried the beauty blender? It says it gives a flawless finish but not sure... your thoughts? Please.. :)

    1. I have tried the beauty blender and I really like it. I just bought it over the weekend and it gives a flawless look. I use it to blend my foundation and concealer. But, I like to blend it with my concealer better than my foundation just because I am a brush girl when it comes to my foundation :) But, its definitely worth a buy and I have a thorough review coming up on it soon, so be sure to check it out. :)