Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion Haul!!!

Hi loves,

I haven't done a fashion haul in a long time, since like January when I started my blog, so I decided to share with you all some items that I have gotten from Forever21 recently!

This button down shirt was $15.80, I wanted a new button shirt although I have a ton already. I like to dress kind of casual. I bought it in a salmon pink color.

I fell in love with shirt, I just really like the style of it! It was only $10.50 and I bought it in this same color.

I got this shirt as well, but I got it in a peachy coral color. I love it! It was only $14.80.

I love this one, it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. :) I think you can get this style for $19.80-$22.80. 

I got a normal pair of black leggings. These are always $5.80 or 2 for $10.

I also got another shirt, but its in the laundry, so I will feature it in my next fashion haul. My next fashion haul should be up by Monday. I usually go shopping every other Saturday for clothes. So definitely stay up to date so that you won't miss out on that! I hope you ladies enjoyed this and +1 this for more fashion hauls.

Thanks loves,

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