Monday, March 11, 2013

What's Your Undertone?

Hi lovelies, 

Ok, I am doing this post because I struggled so hard with this. When I first learned about undertones, I would buy cool undertones because I have a lot of yellow in my skin and I figured yellow would go with cool and redness would go with warm. But, I learned it is the opposite, weirdly. I actually have neutral.

What are the three types of undertones?

  • Cool
  • Neutral
  • Warm
Do I have a Cool Undertone?

  • My veins appear blue
  • I look better in black and white
  • I look better in silver and blue
  • My skin has reddish and blue undertones
  • My eyes are light blue, grey, dark brown or black
Do I have a Warm Undertone?

  • My veins appear green
  • I look better in brown and off white
  • I look better in gold and orange
  • My skin has peach or golden undertones
  • My eyes are hazel, amber, golden brown, or green
Do I have a Neutral Undertone?
  • I have a mixture of the qualities of both undertone types
There are advantages to having a neutral skin tone, because you can get away with wearing any foundation. However, your skin does tend to favor more toward one of the undertones. My skin tends to favor the cool undertone. I have all of the qualities of a cool undertone, except I have yellowish tones and my veins are green. I guess I also favor it because I do have a small amount of red in my face.

I hope that this helps you ladies out and that you will take this information and find a perfect foundation shade. 

Thanks loves,

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