Monday, January 21, 2013


CoverGirl Professional Mascara
  • Pros
    • Easy to apply
    • Great Brush
    • Defines and separates the eyelashes
    • Does not clump
    • Lengthens lashes
    • Does not flake
    • Dries quickly
    • Does not make lashes stick together
    • Does not smudge
  • Cons
    • A little tough to remove, but nothing serious

Maybelline GreatLash Mascara

  • Pros
    • Separates lashes
    • Does not clump
    • Lengthens
    • Good Brush
  • Cons
    • Very thick
    • Make lashes feel hard
    • Smudges if not dry
    • Takes a little while to dry
    • Can make lashes stick together if not dry
    • Difficult to remove

They are both a pretty good mascara. I know a lot of people prefer the Maybelline. The only use that I have for my Maybelline is in my makeup bag that I keep in my purse in case I have a makeup emergency with mascara. The CoverGirl is my everyday go to mascara. I love it because it does not make my lashes feel hard, it is a lot softer than the Maybelline and in my opinion, I lengthens better and makes them look more full. I like the packaging of the Maybelline better, only because I love pink and green. The brush on the CoverGirl is better too. The brush on the Maybelline is very basic, but on CoverGirl, it curves to an angle.

Where to Purchase

Location: Ulta and most drugstores
Maybelline $5.49
Cobergirl $4.99

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