Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's In My Travel (In Purse) Makeup Bag?!

I love my makeup bag in my purse. I mainly just go in for the lip gloss when I need to. Travel bags are good to have in case you do need to make a touch up to your makeup or you were running late and need to apply some when you get to where you're going. In any circumstance, they are good to have!

1. Beauty Gems Blotting Paper

I bought this from Ulta for $2, I caught it on sale. I love this because I love the case that it came in and I just think it is so cute :). I have to use these frequently because I have oily skin so it helps to control it.

2. My Q-tips :)
You can find these anywhere. I love these for times when I am out and I need to remove my eye makeup, it takes of eye makeup really well, but you do need a remover to help. I took my remover out of my bag but I use the Maybelline expert eyes eye makeup remover.

3. Hand Lotion
I can't remember where I got this from, but it smells very good and it moisturizes really good.

4. Lip Gloss
This lip gloss is by essence, I purchased it at Ulta. I am not really a fan of this gloss, but it will do whenever I need touch-ups.

5. Vaseline
I honestly do not know what I would do if I did not have my vaseline in here. Vaseline can be used for so many things, that is why I have it in here. Its self-explanatory.

6. Sinful Colors Eyshadow Trio

I bought this from walgreens for $3.99. I bought it so that I could have a shadow for emergencies and it is actually a good shadow and the pigments are really good.

6. Revlon Mirror

I bought this mirror at the campus bookstore at my old college before I transferred to my new one. It is a really good mirror and sturdy! I've dropped it about 500 times and it is still in good shape. :)

7. Eucerin Calming Creme
I have this for whenever my skin breaks out to soothe it.

7. Maybelline GreatLash
If you go back to my comparison post, you will see how I feel about this mascara. I am not a fan, but it will do if I need a mascara when I am on the go.

8. Softlips
I love my soft lips. I do not know what I would do if I did not have a lip balm with me at all times. Especially since it's cold now, we need to keep our lips conditioned.

9. Ecotools EyeShadow Brush
This is an item that I takeout and put in everyday. This is one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes and I use it almost everyday.

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The reason that I do not carry too many products and barely use the products is because I apply my makeup and every morning and it lasts me every day. I really have my bag for emergencies or if I end up crashing somewhere one night and need some face products the next night. You never know!

Also, If you would like me to do a review on any of the products, just let me know in the comment box below.



  1. Q tips and Vaseline are also my must bring when i travel !

    Vaseline can be used to remove eyeliner smudges when you don't have any make up remover. =)

    1. I use it for everything lol. :) and it does work really well when you don't have eye makeup remover! Thanks for commenting! =)