Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To: Care For Brushes

Cleaning Brushes is very import because bacteria collects on them over time and you do not want your brushes to get that bacteria on your face. It is very important that you clean them when you first purchase them and periodically to remove old makeup, dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells. Keeping these things on your brush can cause you to break out and have many other irritations.

How To Clean Your Brushes:
(I wash all of my brushes the same)

Wet the hairs of the brush under the faucet. Make sure that the brush is facing downward and the water is warm.
Add a cleaning aid to the brush that is not going to irritate your skin (find one that best suits you). A few examples are baby shampoo, liquid hand soap, facial soap, etc. Personally, I use the Japanese Cherry Blossom antibacterial foaming hand soap (bath and body works) because it cleans my brushes very well, makes them smell good and it does not break me out. I suggest that people who have sensitive skin use baby shampoo because it is very mild.
Once you add the cleaning aid to the brush, make it lather, then rinse it to clean. If all makeup is not out of the brush, repeat this step until it is.
Lastly, lay the clean brushes onto a clean paper towel so that they can dry before you next use them

How Often Should Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned

Foundation Brushes: once a week
Bronzer, Blush and Powder Brushes: once a week
Eyeshadow Brushes: every 2-3 days
Eyeliner Brushes: daily, if you use gel because it is so thick on the brush

Hope this helped you guys!


  1. I really have to start setting a schedule to clean my brushes....I sometimes tend to forget.

    1. It is easy to forget to do, but I agree, setting a schedule will really help you out :)

  2. Nice tip and love the design of your blog! I use bath and body as well lol. Also, if you lay brushes with bristles facing down so the water doesn't get into the tubing where is could loosen the glue and ruin them. Another thing Walmart sells a pack of brush protectors so that your brushes will stay looking the same. XoXoX

    1. Thanks girl I forgot to put in there that it ruins the glue :) I knew walmart sold them I just haven't tried them. Do you think they work well? Maybe I should try them and do a review :)

    2. And thanks for liking the design. I think designs with this style are so beautiful and that's why I chose it :)