Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CaraBox Swap :)

Hi loooooooooves!!!

So in earlier in the month I signed up to do a Carabox Swap. I signed up to do the swap because on of my dear friends named Crystal had did a blog post about it and I was like "OMG that looks like so much fun". So, I signed up! The way the swap works is you're assigned two girls...one of the girls will send you something and you will send something to the other girl...it's a bit confusing...but it works so that everyone can get something. To sign up for the May carabox swap click here.

So, for the Month of April our theme was going green. The two girls that I was assigned were Jaime and Aimee...so weird because I just realized their names rhyme and all threee of our names in in the "eeeee" sound. Anyway, I was assigned to give a box to Aimee. To see her blog and what I sent here click here.

The girl who sent to me was Jaime. To see Jaime's blog click here I really appreciate Jaime taking the time out to send me the stuff because she's now a new mommy and had her baby during the swap and he is adorable! :) She sent me:

1. Bath Bomb

I will be putting this to use tomorrow night because I have a stress filled day on Thursday because I have 2 final exams that are 3 hours each, plus I have to go to work for 4.5 hours after I finish. So, these will definitely come in handy tomorrow!

2. Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

She knows that makeup is like my life! I have been wanting to try out making my own brush cleaner and some how she must have figured it out or took a really good guess! I love it and use it all the time to spot clean my brushes.

3. Bath Bar

I love, love, love Yardley soaps for my skin. The scent in this one smells so good, I haven't even opened the box yet, but I can smell it through and it smells amazing!

4. Burt's Bee's Blemish Stick

She was interested to see how this worked...and so was I :). Surprisingly it actually works! All you do is take the roller ball and roll it over your blemish and it feels really cool on it and it helps make them fade away! I love it and keep it in my purse at all times...and it's going in my April Favorites Post.

5. Reese's Peanut Butter Banana Bread

She gave me this recipe because I told her that I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, they're like the best thing in the world to me. I am really excited about trying this recipe. There has been so many days since she's sent it that I have been wanting to make it, but everything I go to the grocery store I end up eating the Reese's before I get back home.

6. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (Not Pictured)

Well, they're not pictured because I ate them :(. I couldn't help it...they look (and tasted) so good! They weren't a part of the going green theme...but she sent them because she knew how much I love them.

I am very happy that I got a chance to meet Aimee and Jaime! They are both so sweet and I will continue to talk to them in the future.

Don't forget to signed up for next month's box swap. I hope that you all enjoyed this post! Follow my instagram: instagram.com/makeupandbeautylover15, +1 this post and subscribe. Talk to you soon loves!

Thanks, Britt

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  1. That is hilarious that you had an Aimee & Jaime. My brother's name is Jaime. Loved what you sent me, and what your person sent you, is really cool too! :) Thanks for linking me! :)