Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Makeup Essentials College Students Should Have Everyday On The Go!

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As you all know I am currently in my sophomore year of college! So, having many things on the go is very important because I have to do a lot of walking and it is getting extremely hot where I live, so I have made a post to help out other college students (or anyone else who is on the go a lot) with figuring out what to have in their to go makeup bag for the spring.

1. Nail Polish. I definitely learned my lesson about not having any nail polish with me on the go during the spring and summer, during my freshman year of school. So, I was walking around campus looking cute with my friends and my flip flops on. Out of no where, I tripped on a crap in the ground, I did not fall or hurt myself, but my nail polish was very chipped and it was very noticeable lol. So, since it is hot again, that is the first thing I have put in my makeup bag. The nail polish brands that I like to use are Ulta, OPI and SinfulColors.

2. Lip Balm. Just as it is important not to have chapped lips in the fall and winter, it is equally important not to have them in the fall and spring. It's one thing for me to see someone with chapped lips in the winter, but if I see it in the spring it's just like WHYYYYY! Lol. There is one girl who works with me and every time we work together she always complains that her lips are hurting and chapped. I always ask her why don't you carry chapstick or lip balm with you and she just says "I don't know". My lips are rarely chapped, but I would rather have lip balm to moisturize them, than to walk around with my lips hurting.

3. Matte Powder. The reason I put the NYX powder in the picture is because I recently purchased this stuff. Let me tell you guys, this powder really works! I get oily and sweaty in 80 degree weather like we have been having, but I did not get oily or sweaty in the 11 hours that I had it on for! I put this on at 7 am and took it off at 8 pm. I used it with the NYX HD Photogenic Liquid Foundation. I have a detailed review on it. It stayed fresh the entire time and I didn't have to reapply it a single time. I put it in my bag just in case I will one day. So you should definitely check that out!

4. Oil-Absorbing Sheets. These are very important for everyone who has oily skin! I can't stress this enough. Depending on where you go, you can get them for really cheep. I normally get them from walmart for $3, but I have friends who say that they have found some for $1, so it all depends on where you shop. My nose is the oiliest part of my face so I am blotting even when I am not getting to oily just to shop it. I blot whether I have on face makeup or not. It's just really important.

5. Pocket Tissue. This is really important for everyone who has allergies. I personally have allergies year round, but they are much worse in the spring. If I don't take my medicine, my face gets really swollen and puffy and it does not look good, so I really have to be careful. But, the tissues are for runny eyes, sneezing, and can be to fix imperfections that happen with your makeup throughout the day.

6. Lip Gloss. I don't think that I really have to describe this one but every girl knows that we need our gloss. I am really feeling the Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume for the Spring. It retails for $19. It reminds me of the summer time when I go to Cold Stone, Ben & Jerry's, or Carvel because it smells like an ice cream shop. I love the smell.

7. Mascara. This is needed just in case you cry or your eyes get really watery. It's also just in case you forget to put it on in the morning. You guys already know why I love the Benefit They're Real. For the link to that post click here. I also found a dupe for it and am doing a giveaway for the dupe, so click here for that.

8. Eyeliner. I have a very bad habit of rubbing my eyes, especially in the spring with them being itchy, so this is a must for touch ups. Right now, I am loving all of the eyeliners from smashbox and L'Oreal. I generally do not have a preference for eyeliner...yet :)

9. Body Lotion. I don't know about all of you but, in the summer, I only wear shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. My legs are going to be out 90% of the time. So, lotion is important. As I told all of you in my morning routine post, I am running late almost every morning. So, I tend to forget a lot of stuff. Putting on lotion is one of them. Having a body lotion is handy because once I make it to class, work, church, wherever I am going, I will just throw it on really fast.

So, I hope that you ladies enjoy this post and leave a comment below telling me what are somethings that you need to have in your "To Go Makeup Bag" everyday or you can just tell me a product that you must have with you and why. I would love to hear it all. Well, I hope that you all will spread this post around to your friends and family members. Talk to you soon (tomorrow)!

Thanks loves,

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