Thursday, April 18, 2013

How To: Stay Focused On Priorities During Times of Stress

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As we all know, stress is a very annoying thing. Everyone, from doctors to parents, has always told us that stress is this terrible thing and we should not do it because it's bad for our health. Honestly, stress is a part of human nature. I have heard some people say, I am never stressed...but, in reality, that is far from the truth. Everyone experiences some sort of stress. Right now, it is exam time and I am enrolled in 6 courses at my university, which means I have 6 exams and a load of studying to do. I AM VERY STRESSED OUT. I am doing well in my courses, but the pressure of the word "exam" just makes me really nervous, although I always do well. Stress can cause havoc on the skin and body. When I stress, I get bumps on my face, I'm tired, I get darker circles under my eyes and it's not a good thing. Being a beauty blogger, it is probably expected that I just put on makeup to cover it up and not worry about...that's not true...well in a sense it is. Ok, I like to reduce the stress to help my skin, but I still put on makeup to cover it. I believe in having beautiful skin under my makeup that way on days that I do not wear it, I do not look like "who did it and why". So yeah, I have come up with a list of things that I do to relieve some of the stress pressures that I have. This list is good for all types of stress.


1. Listen to calm and soothing music. Ok, I personally love r&b, hip hop, and sometimes pop music. But, during stressful times I do not want to hear all of the harsh sounds of it. When I feel stressed I don't want to hear Mary J. Blige singing about "I can't be without you baby"...that's just going to stress me even more because I don't want to think about being without my boyfriend...he's already 300 miles away in AIT school for the Army. I don't want to hear Taylor Swift singing "We are never getting back together"...anyone who I have previously dated already knows that we're not getting back together and I don't want to think about them...who know that may stress me out. I'm just not going to talk about my hip hop music...ya'll ready know. It's ok to every once in a while listen to just a piano playing or a band playing a soft medley. It is very soothing to the mind and brain and it relieves a lot of stress.

2. Eat Healthy Food. Ok, personally I love to eat junk food...a lot. But, I have had to cut it out for issues that I have with my stomach. But, ever since I have stopped eating so much of it, I feel that I have reduced loads of stress. Eating a balanced diet will also help to improve the skin portion of your stress. Some people eat too little when stress and others eat too much while stressed. Try to find that middle balance. My daily eating pattern is: Breakfast, small snack, lunch, mid size snack, dinner, very small snack. Just in case you wanted an idea of a pattern and this is actually what my doctors consider to be a healthy diet for my stomach.

3. Go to a Spa/Massage Parlor. This relieves so much stress for me, because it is so relaxing and it makes me fall asleep. Enough said.

4. Do something that you like to do that does not cause stress. I personally love to play tennis, but I have knee problems so the pain sometimes causes me stress, so this is not on my stress free activities list. Something that I love to do that does not cause me stress is to read magazines. I love all magazines that contain beauty, fashion, interior design and food. It is very relaxing for me to read them, whether it be on my phone, computer or the actual magazine, I love it.

5. Go Out and Have Fun. Bowl, skate, ski, sky dive, whatever you have to do to have some fun. I can't say what I think is the most fun to do because I am always up for doing anything that is adventurist. I want to sky dive...but, I am scared as crap. But, I am going to do it one day anyway!

6. Take Time To Separate Yourself From Stressful Situations. Ok, don't fully quote me on that. Please don't. If you're having problems with your significant other that is causing you stress, just try to work it out..if it's workable. But, if you're stressing at work and you have some vacation time...take a few days off to clear your head because if you don't you're just going to build up a bunch of stress before you explode like a volcano lol. If you're stressing from school, plan to have a weekend where you don't have to study and take the weekend to focus on yourself and have fun and relax.**Please don't get fired from your job or get kicked out school for misinterpreting this post because I will feel very bad**

7. Buy a Stress Relief Ball. This helps for on the spot stress relief. I have a stress relief ball with me everywhere I go because sometimes when I stress I get upset and when I get upset I need to relieve my stress right then and there and this is the best way to relieve yourself from being upset.

This is very important, because stress can take a serious toll on you both physically and mentally. So, if you're experiencing some stress, try out some of these steps.

Also, if your stress has gotten tough and you begin to experience a breakout with bumps, make sure you cleanse your face with a facial cleanser (Clean & Clear Essentials), wash it with a facial soap (Clinique), and moisturize it with a face moisturizer (L'Oreal Ideal Moisturizer).

As always, I hope that all of you lovely ladies enjoy this post. I know it is long, but I wanted to write some things so that you all could get to know me a little better. I will love you all even more if you read the whole thing. Don't forget to +1 and subscribe. Talk to you soon.

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