Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tips for New Beauty Bloggers :)

I know that just starting out a blog can be a bit of a drag and developing ideas of your own can be a challenge sometimes. I've only been blogging since January, but I feel that I have progressed so much and am so much more comfortable to do posts now. The main reason I am doing this post is because I have been looking at blogs from some new bloggers and I notice that the synopsis of the blog is very similar (nearly identical) to my blog and many others. So, here is some advice that I have to offer to you.

I know that a lot of beauty bloggers posts are going to be very similar: makeup tutorials, reviews, diy, etc. But, you have to make it your own. Don't think that you have to do that just because you feel that's what everyone else is doing. Personally, I LOVE MAKEUP, however, I am not this extremely girlie girl who talks extremely popular...I don't talk ignorant either...but, I write my posts exactly the way that I talk so that I can make my readers be able to relate to me even more as if we were having an actual conversation. Make your blog your own.

Ok, this is the big one. It is okay to admire a blogger for his or her work. The title of my blog is "Makeup. Beauty. Life". There have been times where I am just reading new posts that people post and I notice it from newer bloggers and I see that it will say "Makeup. Beauty. Life. Fashion" or "Makeup. Beauty. Life. Love". Just because a few of the words are changed doesn't mean that you're "technically" not copying someone's blog and you're not being yourself. It takes bloggers a while to devise some of these things and I was one of them. I changed it like 20 times before I came up with it. 

I am honestly always open to helping new bloggers out. I really am. Whenever any of my subscribers email me with questions about their blog or starting up their blog I help them out the best that I can. I am not the only blogger who is open to helping fellow bloggers, so many are. Google+ also has a community dedicated to "helping beauty bloggers". There are so many people around to help you and give you ideas.

One of the more challenging things to blog about is beauty, because there are  SO MANY beauty bloggers out here. That was one of the first things I learn. When I first started blogging, I was making posts like everyday, but I have since learned that some of my best posts are the one's that I have not made daily. Good posts take a lot of thinking. My number one thing I do now is do product reviews on products that not everyone has tried. One product that I have not done a review on and will never is the Urban Decay Naked palletes. Everyone in the blog world and youtube have done reviews and tutorials with those. So steer away from things like that.

As always, I hope that all of you ladies enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or comment...please comment down below or email me and let me know. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! Talk to you soon loves!


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  1. Very well written. Thank you! I feel the same thing! Perhaps you want to check out my blog and let me know your feedback ;)